Mark Koch

piano keyboards composition

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Concerts with Steve Elson, Bill Holden, Rhonda Dorsey, Dave Doran, Christy Doran, Daniel Schläppi, Marco Figini, Jean Pierre Schaller, Andy Brugger, Beat Wenger, Beat Affolter, Michel Poffet, David Elias, Stephan Kurmann, Heiner Althaus, Thomas Grünwald, Jürg Bucher, Beat Blaser, John Allred
since 2013 BLUE MOON
Autumn 2004 Foundation of the MARK KOCH TRIO
1994–1998 Member of „MARC JUNDT’S KALABULEBAND“
1990–1996 Teacher for electronic keyboards at the conservatory Biel, evening courses for music teachers, co–leader with Bruno Spörri
1987–1999 Member of the funk–jazz group TWICE A WEEK. Performs at more than 270 concerts with this group all over Europe, among others at the Leverkusener Jazztage, at Swiss Diagonal, Jazzmeile etc. Collaboration with singer Rhonda Dorsey, trumpet player and singer Bill Holden, the famous American saxophonist Steve Elson
1987–1989 Member of „NO NO DIET BANG“ – several radio recordings
1985–1988 Member of the folk–jazz–rock unit „MIXTÜÜR“, Member of the „DORAN–BAND“
1977–1980 New–Jazz–Group JASATA JAZZ, among others with Beat Wenger, Beat Affolter, Thomas Grünwald. Multiple concerts in Switzerland and abroad
1973–1979 Swiss Jazz School Bern, main teacher: Vince Benedetti (piano) and Axel Jungbluth (music theory, composition, arrangement), PROFESSIONAL DIPLOMA OF SJS
1989 Astrological sound ritual: "Environnement" in Biel
1986 three weeks tour in former GDR with the „DORAN–BAND“
1986 Choreographical assistance of „N.Y.N.Y.“ by Susanne Däppen in the course of the solo performance at the "Altes Schlachthaus" Bern
1985 Music for the dance project „TROMMELTANZ“ under the direction of the choreographer Kurt Dreyer. Extended touring in Switzerland with this group
4 years of classical piano education during elementary school
Music for theatre for the "Spielleute" Luzern