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The piano and probably also jazz have always been the focus of interest. Mark Koch, the Bernese keyboard player, is too open a spirit though to limit himself to one kind of music and one instrument. During the seventies he visited Swiss Jazz School and also played the music taught there, only to put out his feelers in the direction of fusion, rock and other kinds of music. As a consequence "keys" were added to the piano, first a Fender Rhodes, later on a synthesizer, sampler and a computer.

In spite of its hi-tech equipment Mark Koch's music never has turned too cool or even cold. It always has kept its road grip. The ingredients of the pieces he writes for himself and his groups are those needed for soul-food: a good shot of blues, a pinch of gospel piano, a good deal of groove, everything seasonned with latin rhythms and some other spicy ingredients.

It is no wonder then, that Mark Koch returns to more simple things after years of experience with technically challenging bands and projects, returns to the acoustic piano accompanied by a double bass and ordinary drums. The music is about communication, interplay, listening to each other and playing with each other. All this works best in a small group. And it is here the pianist Koch can play his competences in their purest form and the composer Koch can  build the takeoff platforms which enable a light and free flight!


Beat Blaser, journalist Radio DRS, September 2, 2005

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