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Mark Koch Trio

What is it that makes piano trio music so fascinating to keyboard players? Maybe the reason is that you are able to play everything
that is needed to make moving and intelligent music with the instruments of a piano trio, and this in the most simple way: melodies,
chorus, rhythm, nothing is amiss. And the involved musicians have almost unlimited possibilities to express themselves.
The Mark Koch trio
is a good example for this. Three equal individualists exchange their ideas, support each other, insist on their statements only to integrate
the next one into their own. The result is a lively music, occasionally  with blissful melodies, from time to time running a bit wild but always
based on a straight, urging groove.

Mark Koch has been on the scene for almost 30 years. These years of experience in jazz, rock, fusion, latin, spacy and groovy music
can be heard in his playing and enter the compositions he writes for his trio. He has entertained a musical partnership with his drummer
Peter Fischer for almost as long. The two musicians get along blindly.
Péter “Pit“ Balázs joins them as the third party, musician of the same
generation who builds all the foundations his fellow musicians can wish for.
The Mark Koch trio plays music for body and soul, music
which evokes pictures, makes thoughts fly and has the heart beating faster. Above all it does not ignore intelligence!

Beat Blaser, journalist at Radio DRS

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